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As an Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA) accredited breeder, the males and females we intend to use for breeding must be DNA tested for specific hereditary conditions before they can be approved for breeding. In an effort to produce strong, healthy offspring, both parents also undergo hip and elbow screening to reduce the likelihood of puppies developing hip or elbow dysplasia. There are no guarantees, of course, but we do our very best.

To support this aim, we have a detailed Puppy Agreement & Health Guarantee that both the Breeder and Purchaser sign off on. A copy of this agreement is available here:

Puppy Agreement & Health Guarantee


La Maison Thandi

La Maison Thandi was bred by La Maison Labradoodles in Wagga Wagga. Born in November 2019, Thandi joined our family at ten weeks of age and has delighted us every step of the way. A gentle, relaxed and affectionate girl, Thandi has been easy to train, loves the company of humans and our other dogs, and has a calm, easy going temperament. 

La Maison Thandi had her first litter in September 2021. Sired by Willow Lane President’s Prodigy (aka “Eddie”), we were so delighted with the litter that we decided to do a repeat mating. Thandi’s second litter was born in September 2022. Her third litter was sired by Clairevale Red Rover (aka “Eddie” in January 2024. Having been a wonderful mum to 15 beautiful puppies, Thandi will now retire and assume the role of “Auntie” to future All Heart litters. We hope to continue Thandi’s line through her daughter, All Heart Maeve.


All Heart Mabel

DOB: 26/07/2022

Sire: Clairevale Leonardo

Dam: La Maison Ode to Rubenesque

Size: Mini

Colour: Caramel Abstract

Coat: Fleece

Weight: 10kg

ALA Reg No. 0175-002-09


All Heart Mabel is joy in fleece! A gorgeous, affectionate and intelligent mini Labradoodle, Mabel lives with her devoted guardian family in Kyneton. We are delighted to include this beautiful girl in our All Heart breeding program. Mabel’s first litter was sired by Clairevale Violet Crumble and was born in April 2024. She is proving to be a devoted mum.


All Heart Maeve

All Heart Maeve is one of Thandi’s puppies. Maeve is laugh-out-loud funny and full of character.  She brings her guardian family endless amusement, from her ability to open doors to her affection for Sammy the pet rabbit! Maeve’s health testing results are excellent and we are excited to have her join our breeding program. We hope to have a litter from Maeve towards the end of 2024.

DOB:  22/09/2022 

Sire:  Willow Lane President’s Prodigy aka “Eddie”

Dam:  La Maison Thandi 

Colour: Chocolate

Grade: Australian Labradoodle AL

Size: Medium 47cm

Weight: 14kg

Coat: Fleece

ALA Reg No. 0175-003-01

DNA Profile: Clear by Orivet

Pennhip: R .40  L.43

AVA Hip Scores: 3 + 3 = 6

Elbows: Normal 0 + 0


Clairevale Marigold

DOB: 20/11/2022

Sire: Clairevale Red Rover aka “Humphrey”

Dam: Clairevale Alexis aka “Lexi”

Grading: Australian Labradoodle AL

Size: Medium

Height: 47 cm

Coat: Fleece

Colour: Gold Abstract

ALA Reg no. 0159-028-02

AVA Hip Score: 1 + 1 = 2

PennHip: Right DI = 0.23, Left DI = 0.28

Elbows: Normal 0 + 0

DNA Profile: Clear by parentage. Awaiting Orivet results.

Clairevale Marigold or “Poppy” as she is known by her guardian family, has grown up in a busy household with children, teenagers and her beloved “big sister”, Daisy the Labrador. Poppy visits us on a regular basis and we are delighted with her confident, yet sweet temperament. She interacts happily with other dogs and is lovely with children. Poppy will be added to our breeding program once we receive her DNA profile from Orivet, which we expect to be clear. We hope Poppy will have her first litter towards the end of 2024.